Mission statement

Our mission is the development of logistics solutions that improve our customers' competitive position worldwide. We are committed to apply these solutions to our customers with integrity, leadership and excellence while seeking ethical strategic partnerships and alliances that allow our customers to focus on their core business.

Out of Gauge Special and Oversized Cargo

Cargoes come in all shapes and sizes, and those that are over sized have unique requirements that are challenging. OOG cargoes are designated as those which cannot fit within the inner dimensions of a conventional 20' or 40' container. Spartan is ready to meet the challenge, with years of experience and expertise to move your shipment efficiently and safely.

Open-top (OT) containers are used for top-loading or overweight (i.e. taller than 7') cargoes- especially appealing to you machinery traders who tear down your machines for export. With in-gauge dimensions of 17' x 7' x 7'6" for a 20'OT and 37' x 7' x 7'5" for a 40'OT, these containers are a viable option to conventional containers. Subject to regional equipment inventories on hand, the customer has the same service options to ship to as he or she has with conventional equipment.

Flat Rack (FR) containers are used for width (i.e. wider than 7'8") or heavyweight cargo, another option for shippers whose cargoes fit these criteria. In-gauge cargo dimensions for 20'FR or 17' x 8' x 7', and 37' x 8' x 6'6" for a 40'FR are well suited to moving specialized cargoes, but are always subject to equipment availability in a given region at time of booking.

From inland points in the USA, Spartan specializes in OOG cargoes shipping via Houston and the USWC for project discharge ports in the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Red Sea.